Day Four and a quick recap

So this is it. Already. The event is over. Finished. See you next year. Hopefully.

The sessions were a continuation of yesterday’s. With the product teams asking for feedback on what they have done, like with VS.NET 2005 and what they are planning to do with C# 3.0. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I still needed to get my head around all the new stuff like extension methods, lambda expressions, etc. Much of this has become clearer, although to really understand, you need a solid testing environment and documentation. We’ll probably get more into that in the coming months.

It were these men (and women) in black that we had the great opportunity to discuss with.

These are the guys we have been talking to, yeah! 

Back in the hotel I had the challenge to put everything in my backpack to make sure I didn’t have to check in anything for the flight home. I did succeed, although an overflow plastic bag was necessary. I hope that won’t pose a problem. There’s only a sixty minute window to get me from one plane to the other. Although the experience was great, I’m also eager to get home.