Day one

Registration was on the schedule for today. Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the bag. Well, it’s not worth taking a picture anyway. It’s more solid than the plastic bag we had last year. It’s nice to see a lot of people I know again. Of course, the French contingent can’t be missed. It’s always fun with these guys. The regional dinner was.. ok. I met up with Tim Dawson, from the UK, who created some really cool Windows Forms controls to check out at his website. I recently wrote an article on ClickOnce deployment, and I hope that client applications, not web, will be used more. With ClickOnce, deployment is less of an issue for a lot of scenarios where people now decide to get extra complex in doing it with ASP.NET. I offered Tim to write a review on his controls.

The photo gallery has been updated a bit with latest pictures, though not that many.

One message to the event managers, which they probably got already: ‘what’s up with the transportation???’ We waited more than an hour (some even longer) for a bus to take us the regional dinner, and 45 minutes for a bus to take us back. We were lucky to find any leftovers. It appears they subcontracted to diffent bus companies, and while the company for the North-American MVPs had loads of buses, the EMEA region had … none, at least it seemed that way. A very friendly bus driver was kind enough to take us to Bellevue, even though she wasn’t hired to do this. She kept explaining it was … ‘the other company’. I do think she kind of liked to pick on the competetion here, but she was right.