Arrived and first impressions

So I made to Seattle. Actually, the trip was quite uneventful. No delays, no lost luggage (that figures because I only had my backpack). This morning I went strolling around the city, looking for a place to have some breakfast. And, coincidence or not, I meet Michiel. So while chewing on a croissant (how very Seattleish), we talk about the days to come. For him, some of the days will be different than others, but that’s for him to blog about.

Looking at the weather forecast, I decide 1) I packed a little too light, so I was in need of additional clothing and 2) if there’s any time to take some pictures of the city, this is it. The coming days will be mostly rain, which is not uncommon for the area as you may know. So here are those pictures. If you read this post later than… right now… 😉 there will be more pictures than just the city (at least I hope).