Omg, I’m also tagged

So yes, I tried to escape but resistance is futile. André Obelink was kind enough to tag me, and therefore, it seems I need to divulge some trivia you may not know from me.

1. I learned computing around the age of 13 or 14. It was an Easter holiday and my parents decided I should go to ‘computer camp’. Here I learned basic on a true and original Philips P2000. You can imagine my discomfort when my parents subsequently decided to buy a Commodore 64. A device I knew nothing about. Well, that didn’t take long. With Latin classes at school, I was kinda showing off my skills by programming Dutch-Latin translation on the C64’s that were on display at the nearby V&D. Well, local. Breda that is, since I grew up in Rijen.

2. My ambition was to be an astrophysicist. But then I discovered I sucked at chemistry and physics, so that was a nogo.

3. To finish my studies in public administration (and now for something completely different) I wrote my thesis on a comparative study between drugs policy in Rotterdam and Northern France. Mid nineties there was quite some publicity around the obvious differences, with France being more repressive and the Netherlands being ehmm ‘pragmatic’. My findings can be found in this book.

4. In 1996 I went to Star Trek convention in… Italy. Well, just thought it would be fun even though I didn’t speak much Italian. Obviously I knew at least one person to get me invited. Had a great time. I’ve been a Star Trek fan ever since the original series. You won’t see me in a costume though, I like the series and science fiction in general, but I’m not crazy 😉 

5. I met my wife Anja through my sister after visiting her, my sister that is, in India. Anja also went for a visit and brought back the sneakers I forgot. We got married in 2000 and have two kids now: Steven (5) and Michelle (3). You can check their stories at

And now it’s my turn to tag these: Peter van Ooijen, Emad Ibrahim , Egbert Nierop, Stefan Stranger, Nix

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