Share your Windows Vista Experience Index

Notice the 3,4 in the left column of this weblog? Yes, that’s my Windows Experience Index base score.

There are quite a few people publishing their score on a weblog or forum. The way it’s usually posted is by means of a screenshot. Not the most convenient way. So I decided to put together a website where you can upload your score. Once uploaded, you can copy an html-text like the one you see here:


There a a few buttons available, and the button links to the score-page. Click the button to see.

Your question may be doing with the data that’s uploaded? Well, for one, nothing more than what’s in the index score file can be saved of course. And there are no personal details in this file. No e-mail addresses are recorded. I’ll make an effort will be to ensure the integritity of the data. Since the scores are stored in an XML file, it’s easy to manipulate. How about a base score of 120! Of course, once this happens, the data becomes useless. Entries like this will be deleted or refused.

Check out the Windows Vista Team Blog for more information about the Windows Experience Index. And if you’re running or planning to run Windows Vista, check out