User Account Control in Vista

For the past week I’ve been testdriving Windows Vista Beta 2. I wanted to install earlier builds before, but I never found the right drivers for my nforce4/sata-raid configuration. While running Vista, you will encounter one specific feature that is inevitable. It’s called User Access Control or UAC for short. There have been quite a number of articles, comments, forum threads, and blogposts on the subject so I didn’t want to repeat everyone. And then I came accross this post from the UAC team. It explains why it is the way that it is, and they’re trying to improve on it.

As I understand, it’s difficult to differentiate between a deliberate or a covert application start up. The result is that you get a dialog even when you’ve just deliberately started an application. It’s like saying “do you want to work today?” and of course, everyone will click OK, up to the point where you don’t read anymore and just confirm whatever it’s asking. In their effort to reduce the number of elevation messages, maybe the team can look an this article from a couple of years ago. And if turns out ok, I won’t be seeing these messages anymore:


I wonder if the background color in the title has any particular meaning.