Arrived in Barcelona

Today I arrived in Barcelona to attend IT Forum. Now, what’s a developer doing at an IT Management conference? Well, trying to bridge the gap perhaps. Besides, I was a system administrator for about 3 years, and I still maintain the application infrastructure for our company, so I will certainly not feel out of place.
I’ll also be working on the ATE stands for Rights Management Services, which is indeed a facinating technology from both the development as well as the management side.
First thing you do when you arrive somewhere? Try to get an Internet connection of course. While Telefonica offers a good connection, at a price, it appears they’re not the only one offering Wireless access. Here’s my setup:

Wireless in Barcelona

Notice the strategically placed rubbish bin? It helps maintain the low quality connection on an open WAP. It’s still a bit unstable, if anyone hasĀ a suggestion on how to improve a wireless connection from a client’s perspective, I’m open to suggestions.