Interactive designer for XAML

When Microsoft showed off XAML as there user interface language for next generation (say, Vista) applications two years ago, it also showed the cumbersome way in which they we’re demoing the manipulation of XAML. Because XAML is XML it can be done using notepad. In fact, at the PDC 2003, using a text editor was the only way. Most people gathered that this could be a great opportunity for companies like Adobe and Macromedia (now the same) to create tools that would fill the gap between a designer and a developer. Well, Microsoft wouldn’t be itself if it didn’t have something up its sleeve as well.

So now they introduce the Microsoft Expression family of products, with the Interactive Designer as the tool to use for creating XAML based user interaction. Also the Graphic Designer lets you create XAML files. And this tool, codename Acrylic, is now also available for download.